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Welcome to the Official Neuhaus Online Store – Belgian chocolates & chocolate gift baskets delivered worldwide

Who is Neuhaus Chocolates?

Today the Belgian chocolates manufacturer Neuhaus is enjoyed everywhere in the world. Flagship stores from New York to Tokyo allow connoisseurs to discover the secrets that make Neuhaus pralines gourmand jewels. The Neuhaus Online Store is dedicated to delivering these chocolates worldwide in nice chocolate gift baskets.

Some Belgian chocolate history.

1857: the ambitious Swiss, Jean Neuhaus, left his native city of Neûchatel and set himself up in the Belgian capital, Brussels. Later that same year, with his brother-in-law, a pharmacist, he opened his "first pharmaceutical confectioners" at 25-27 Galerie de la Reine, Europe's first covered shopping gallery. Jean Neuhaus made cough sweets, liquorice for stomach complaints and a bitter Belgian chocolate bar. In the interim, Jean's son Frédéric learnt the art of confectionery and joined his father's blossoming "confectioners" which was fast becoming famous across the city. Together, father and son devoted themselves to producing caramels, jellied fruits and vanilla chocolate. The pharmaceutical products gradually disappeared and the old pharmacy became the finest confectionery in Brussels. In 1895, the name of the business was changed to "Confiserie et Chocolaterie NEUHAUS-PERRIN". Following Frédéric's death in 1912, his son Jean Neuhaus Junior took over the reins of the burgeoning and extremely successful business. Because of this success, he was able to follow a more creative path. After months of experimentation with a new technique which he had developed, Jean finally achieved his goal and created the world's first filled chocolate, which he named "Praline". His new chocolate invention brought about a revolution, and not only for his business!

Neuhaus invents the Ballotin.

The years following the First World War were highly successful ones for Jean Neuhaus and a short while later his wife, Louise Agostini, developed another remarkable innovation, the praline box or "ballotin". The precious handmade pralines could now nestle alongside one another in covered layers. The practical gold and green packaging with its embossed letter "N" has barely changed to the present day. Jean neglected to patent the "ballotin" and it has been the design favoured by all Belgian chocolate manufacturers ever since.

A royal visit.

An early event of note was the visit to the shop by the young Prince Leopold and the Prince of Wales, at the end of the war in 1918. They called in to try "a new praline that everyone is talking about these days". Apparently Prince Leopold wasn't the only royal with a sweet tooth. After the Royal Festival in 2000, His Majesty King Albert II bestowed upon Neuhaus the title of Accredited Supplier to the Belgian Crown.

The Present.

Since 1991, Neuhaus has been the absolute market leader in the luxury praline sector in Belgium and Luxembourg, and has retained this enviable position by further developing its home market. Thanks to a well-defined marketing strategy and an international network of nearly 2.000 sales outlets, more than 2.400 tons of Neuhaus products are sold annually in 50 countries. Investment in modern technology has undoubtedly contributed to this success, but the traditional production methods are just as important. Even today, more than one-third of the pralines that Neuhaus sells are still made individually, by hand. It is an extremely costly affair and this is virtually the only company where it is still done, but therein lies the faultless and matchless quality of Neuhaus products.

Where do I start online?

Before you can start shopping, you first have to choose which COUNTRY you want to send your belgian chocolates to. Then you can choose the CURRENCY in which you want to view the prices (default is US$) . The geographical location is important to calculate the exact shipping costs per area per gift. We also choose to do this because we pre-select the products deliverable in these countries, that are most appropriate for the region. It also allows us to inform you about the total price, including shipping and all gift taxes or duties (unless clearly indicated otherwise in the shopping cart). No surprises at the end! When you enter the online store you may browse through the various groups of products that we offer. You will notice a small picture to assist you with your choice. You will notice that this list contains:

  • Chocolates that list a price. This means this is a 'unique' product with a fixed price.
  • Chocolates that list no price. This means you may combine this purchase in any combination you like. The chosen combination determines the final price. It is a 'make your own' concept.
  • Chocolates that list 'Price starting from' or ‘the lowest and highest price’ mean that you will have a number of combinations in the products, from which you are allowed to pick one. It usually refers to identical products that can be ordered in different sizes or luxury varieties.

When you click a picture or the name of a product in this list, you will get more details of your selection. At this level you can easily return to your list, pick another list or decide you like this product and 'order'. And, don't worry the order process is fully secure. Also, when you added a gift to a shopping cart and you would like to send another person to a similar, or a different address (even in a different country!) you 'add another gift' to the shopping cart and let the shop guide you on 'how to order these multiple gifts' during one shopping process only. Of course, never hesitate to ask a question when you have doubts.

Companies with large lists – please visit our corporate section.

How are the chocolates delivered?

We offer international gift delivery service throughout Europe and to many countries outside Europe Mondays through Fridays using FedEx, DHL or TNT Express mainly. Whether you are shipping a gift to Germany, the UK, France or Greece, Neuhaus guarantees that delivery of our world class gifts will be on time and that your gift will be in perfect condition. Our gift client center allows you to track every step of your gift's progress from order through delivery and to print out an online invoice (receipt) 24 hours a day. Our two warehouses are located less than 1 hour away from the main hubs of FedEx, DHL and TNT in Europe, which allows us to offer extremely competitive international shipping rates with reliable service worldwide. Our chocolates are packed so they remain nicely with the temperature range of 10 – 25 ° Celcius. This is optimal for the chocolates to travel. When necessary we will pack in special styrofoam packaging and add a cooling element.

Our company is also FDA approved, allowing seemless shipments into the United States.

What corporate services do you offer?

We strive to do everything we can to make corporate orders to one country or multiple countries a simple, no-hassle process. Here are some of the services we offer our corporate clients :

  1. We offer corporate discounts starting for order of $1000 or above
  2. We can customize your gift card with your logo (FREE)
  3. We can personalize your gift by adding your marketing collateral or promotional items to be sent with your gifts
  4. We can take care of the order entry for you. Email us or give us a call to learn more about how we can help you.

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Best regards,
Nathalie Sintobin & The Neuhaus Online Team.