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Corporate Gifts

Giving Neuhaus chocolates as a present demonstrates your impeccable taste for the quality and harmonious combination of a luxury gift and top-of-the-range Belgian chocolates. We offer a range of ideal gift solutions for your business contacts, staff and company events.

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Personalize Your Chocolate Gift

We understand that the way your gifts are presented has to be beyond reproach.

You can call on us:

  • To create and print your personalised gift “sleeve” or card.
    Personalised cards are provided free of charge as from 100 units.
  • For the choice of your preferred gift box, filled with your favourite pralines.
  • To personalise your gift basket.
  • To make the right choice of wrapping paper and ribbon from our elegant, extensive and varied range.
Personalize Your Chocolate Gift
Belgian Chocolate Order and Delivery Services

Order and Delivery Services

Send your order , whether it’s for a single person or for multiple recipients all over the world to For orders involving more than one person, we would ask you to complete our electronic form and send it back to us by e-mail.

Your gift will be wrapped and packaged with the greatest care. We can also assure you that it will be sent under the best possible conditions and delivered at the time you specify.


Tamara Berkvens
European B2B Manager


Discover our new
B2B Catalogue